Residential Retail Floor Covering

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Selection & Scope of Work

By executing an order with Retailer, Buyer represents that they have reviewed the written quotation as well as all accompanying documentation (drawings, schematics, etc.) provided by Retailer and that they accept the proposed scope of work as described/quoted. Buyer represents that they have reviewed:

  • material style, pattern, and color
  • areas of the home to be included in the scope of work
  • product lay direction, seam placement, etc.
  • any specific services, details, or expectations which Buyer has for the project

The written quotation and its accompanying documentation shall supersede any and all prior understandings and agreements between Retailer and Buyer for the project. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to make sure that the quotation/proposal represents their exact wishes and expectations for the project. If a material or service (i.e. demolition, prep, baseboard, appliance/furniture labor, etc.) is not specified on your proposal, it was not included in your quoted price. If you find any details missing or incorrect on your quotation, please ask us to make the appropriate changes to your proposal prior to executing/placing an order.

Special-Order Goods

All orders for non-stock special-order goods are subject to final acknowledgment and confirmation from the manufacturer or supplier. The retailer will promptly notify the Buyer of any issues with the order. Retailers cannot be responsible for unforeseen manufacturing, production, or shipping-related delays. The buyer is responsible for incoming special-order freight to the extent quoted on your proposal.

Our manufacturers and suppliers typically obligate us to material once it has entered production or been placed for transit. Buyer should deem all non-stock special-order goods to be non-cancelable and non-returnable. The retailer accepts no returns of special-order goods to the Retailer’s stock or inventory. In the event, Buyer wishes to return special-order goods to the supplier or manufacturer we are more than happy to coordinate this on your behalf. Please note:

  • any and all returns are at the sole discretion of the manufacturer or supplier
  • the manufacturer/supplier will inspect returned goods prior to authorization of credit, and reserves the right to decline/refuse any returned goods not suitable for resale (opened/damaged cartons, etc.)
  • Buyer is responsible for any and all restocking fees assessed by the manufacturer/supplier, in addition, to return freight charges which may exceed the subsidized freight cost originally estimated/charged on your order

Shade, Dye-Lot, and Natural Variation

Buyer understands and accepts that textiles and construction materials vary by production-run and batch. As such, reasonable expectations must be given for minor variations in color, shade, sheen, and tone from the samples shown. Naturally-derived products (i.e. natural stone, marble/granite, limestone/travertine; hardwood flooring) have an inherently amplified natural variation; this natural beauty is deemed to be a feature of these finishings.

Deposits & Final Invoicing

We ask for a 75% deposit on all projects at the time of order, prior to our ordering of materials or scheduling of work. The deposit is calculated on the total quotation amount (including all material, freight, and labor charges for the entirety of work quoted) and is used to secure not only the material/accessories necessary for your project, but your placement on our calendar as well.

Following completion of your installation, the Retailer will prepare a final invoice adjusting for any considerations or changes to the performed scope of work. Due to the detail, we keep in processing estimates, changes, and final invoicing your installer/technician will not have a final billing available to you at the time of completion, nor will they expect on-site payment of any final balance.

Full payment is expected in advance for all material-only (non-installed) orders.

Order Processing & Scheduling

We prefer to wait until special-order material has been received and the order verified for accuracy before scheduling your installation as this prevents disruption and disappointment in the event of shipping delays, receipt of incorrect or damaged material, etc. We make it our practice to schedule all installations promptly as material arrives to our warehouse. If for some reason you wish to schedule an installation prior to your material arriving we are happy to do so but ask for your flexibility and understanding as we do our best to accommodate you.

If for any reason you find that your project will not be ready prior to our scheduled installation date, we ask that you promptly reach out to our office with as much notice as possible so that we may plan accordingly. Similarly, should any major disruption to our schedule occur, we will notify you with as much notice as possible as to minimize any potential disruption.

Our crews begin work at 8:00 AM, and generally “roll out” by 8:30. Please figure drive-time from our showroom/warehouse when calculating an expected arrival time. We will advise you in advance if your installation will begin later than this (i.e. second project of the day, etc.).

If your project is expected to take more than a single day to install we will let you know this when scheduling your installation date(s).

Unless otherwise arranged and notated, quoted labor is figured for consecutive working days only. Return trips or “phase work” will result in additional charges. Delays to your project caused resulting in unplanned return trips, hours, or travel will result in additional charges.

Material-Only Orders

The retailer is not responsible for Buyer-provided measurements or calculations for material-only sales (orders for which we are not contracting to perform labor/installation), nor do we measure/verify material-only orders. The buyer should verify all measurements, calculations (area, overage, waste), piece counts, and quantities prior to order. The buyer should verify all necessary moldings, transitions, and accessories prior to order.

The retailer does not provide delivery service for material-only orders. All material-only orders are fulfilled to our showroom/warehouse; the Buyer is responsible for final pick-up, transport, and delivery of material-only orders to their intended destinations.

Full payment is expected in advance for all material-only (non-installed) orders.

Fixtures & Furniture

Without prior arrangement and agreement, it is our expectation that the areas covered within your scope of work be free and clear of any and all obstacles and obstructions at the time of our installation. This includes furniture and appliances moved out of the work area, toilets disconnected and removed, etc.

The retailer offers furniture service (removal and resetting), billed at our standard hourly service rate (per hour, per worker) with the following expectations and conditions:

  • breakables, collectibles, etc. to be packed, removed, and reset by others
  • electronics to be disconnected, removed/reset, and reconnected by others
  • table-tops, dresser-tops, etc. to be cleared by others prior to our arrival
  • beds/mattresses to be stripped of sheets, pillows, linens by others prior to our arrival
  • book-shelves, cabinets, etc. must have their weights reduced (unloaded) prior to our arrival
  • we do not remove/reset pianos, pool tables, fish tanks, or other specialty fixtures
  • we do not remove/reset any wall- or ceiling-mounted fixtures

All furniture service is offered at the sole discretion of the Retailer and must be coordinated prior to sale and installation. All quotations for furniture service are estimates based on hourly labor and will be adjusted on the final invoice. You may reduce the cost of this service by moving smaller items out of the way on your own prior to our arrival.

Our installers are mindful when handling your furniture and belongings, however, we cannot be responsible for damaged furniture/items. If you need furniture services beyond what we offer, we are happy to coordinate with a third-party moving/furniture service.

Appliances & Plumbing

The retailer offers services to remove/reset standard appliances (refrigerators, freezers, electric stoves, washers, dryers) and plumbing fixtures (commodes). All appliance/furniture service is offered at the sole discretion of the Retailer and must be pre-arranged. Our general limitations and exclusions include:

  • we do not remove/reset gas stoves, hard-wired appliances, pedestal sinks, or vanities/cabinets; if these need to be removed/reset it is the responsibility of the Buyer to coordinate this prior to our arrival
  • refrigerators and freezers must be emptied prior to our arrival
  • appliances must be cleaned/degreased prior to our arrival
  • toilets must be freshly cleaned prior to our arrival

Toilets are re-installed over new wax rings. We cannot participate in any “jimmy-rigged” appliance/plumbing installations. In the event that the Retailer cannot confidently reset/reconnect an appliance or plumbing fixture, the Buyer shall be responsible for coordinating and paying for the appropriate trade (plumber, etc.) to complete this task. The retailer may be able to assist in coordinating a sub-contractor at Buyer’s expense.

Demolition & Substrate Prep

Our general practice is to quote all projects inclusive of all necessary demolition of existing floor-covering products. If it has been agreed that tear-off and disposal will be completed by others, your quotation/proposal will be notated as such. Though we do our best to accurately estimate the cost for tear-out, certain factors may increase your final demolition cost:

  • existing floor-covering or building materials which were installed/secured in a non-traditional or unexpectedly different method (i.e. too many fasteners, too much adhesive)
  • additional layers of floor-covering material which need to be removed

The retailer does not offer tear-out or demolition services for asbestos-based floor-coverings or materials installed with an asbestos-containing adhesive. The retailer reserves the right to stop work pending sampling and testing of any material believed to contain asbestos. The retailer reserves the right to stop work on a project until infringing asbestos-containing products are appropriately remediated or removed by a third party (at Buyer’s direct contracting and expense) if such is necessary. If asbestos-containing floor-covering or adhesive is present, removal may not be necessary – encapsulation may be an option.

For the health and safety of our technicians, we cannot remove existing carpet or floor-covering that has been soaked with human or animal urine, feces, vomit, blood, etc. Retailer reserves the right to refuse any tear-out. Biological hazards may require remediation by a third party.

Some anticipated preparations to your substrate may have been included in your quotation/proposal. The actual extent of necessary substrate preparation (to correct smoothness/texture, fill in old patterns, fix high/low spots, etc.) will be assessed by the installer/technician performing your installation. The extent of prep required cannot usually be determined by an estimator until all existing floor-covering materials are removed. Retailer reserves the right to invoice for unforeseen minor and incidental substrate preparation. If we feel that necessary substrate preparations surpass that of “incidental” we will seek prior authorization from you before performing.

Retailer reserves the right to stop work and consult Buyer if it is believed that the substrate will not be permissible for a proper or successful installation.

Moldings, Transitions & Detail-Work

Unless specifically excluded and notated, your quotation and proposal include all necessary moldings to transition to adjoining grade or floorcovering. Transitions may be coordinating (similar material/pattern as floor-covering material), or they may be solid-color (black/brown) rubber or metal (nickel/gold color); this depends on available molding profiles for your selected product, as well as the transition necessary to a given adjoining floor.

All hard-surface floor-coverings are installed with a manufacturer-specified expansion joint (typically ~1/4”) to allow the material room to expand or “grow into”. This void is typically covered up with a baseboard or quarter-round at the perimeter of the room at the wall. Your quotation should identify if we will be furnishing/installing a baseboard, as well as its profile/finish if applicable. If the baseboard is not included in your proposal, we have not quoted/figured for it to be furnished/installed.

Similarly, certain termination points may require additional material or labor (i.e. a brick fireplace hearth may be under-cut, or molding may be installed at its edge). All moldings and detail work is to be performed as described in the quotation/proposal.

We will under-cut existing door-frames and trim-work to properly fit and install new flooring. However, we cannot be responsible for gaps or voids caused by already-high-cut door-frames, etc.

Buyer understands and accepts that touch-up to the existing baseboard may be necessary. Retailer assumes no responsibility for touch-up of existing baseboards and moldings.

Buyer is responsible for any additional finish- or detail-work requested of the technician/installer. Additional labor charges will be billed at the rate described on your quotation/proposal or at an hourly labor rate, whichever applies best.

Jobsite Readiness for Installation

Buyer represents that the temperature, humidity, and overall environment of the home will be ‘normalized’ prior to delivery and installation of new flooring. This includes:

all insulation and drywall installed; all doors, windows, skylights, etc. installed and sealed/tested; dry interior, no moisture leaks, air gaps, etc.
all heating/cooling, HVAC, sub-pump, etc. systems installed, programmed, and functioning for at least two weeks prior to delivery/installation

Buyer understands that all construction materials are susceptible to expansion/contraction, and it is imperative for the environment of a home to be ‘normalized’ prior to the installation of floor-covering. Some materials may require pre-delivery prior to installation so that they may acclimate to the environment of your home prior to installation. If your material requires pre-acclimation, we will advise as such and schedule its delivery prior to installation.

Expectations for Jobsite Conditions

Buyer represents that the Jobsite will be accessible (unobstructed road/drive, path to the home, etc.) and that all facilities (electrical, plumbing, etc.) will be in proper working order prior to our arrival for delivery/installation. Please understand:

  • our technicians drive large box trucks to carry materials and tools; we must have ample parking (either driveway or street) to be able to park our trucks
  • a clear path to the area(s) being done is of absolute necessity – we cannot navigate tools and material through a home with several obstructions between the doorway and area(s) being done
  • we must have electrical (including access to 220V outlets) to operate our equipment and accessible water for product mixing and tool/Jobsite cleanup
  • we must have working bathroom facilities (either a bathroom or job-toilet) accessible for the health and comfort of our technicians
  • pets should be kept to a confined area – though we do not mind working alongside non-aggressive domestic pets, we ask (for their concern) that they be secured so that they do not escape as we enter/exit the home, as well as so they do not “get into” adhesives, materials, etc.

Manufacturer Warranties

Retailer provides no warranty for materials. Buyer understands that material warranty, if any, is provided, honored by, and the obligation of the manufacturer of said material. Buyer understands that manufacturer warranty may have certain limitations and expectations including but not limited to:

  • carpets may need periodic professional cleaning for the warranty to be honored
  • many hard-surface flooring warranties do not permit the use of steam mops
  • most warranties are non-transferable and apply to owner-occupied installations only
  • if the material was not installed by us, the manufacturer may require it be installed by another qualified/licensed installer
  • materials may be pro-rated

If you would like to inspect the warranty documentation for any product before purchasing or ordering, please let us know so that we may provide it to you.

Expectation of Finish Product

Buyer shall inspect all installations thoroughly and promptly following installation, and provide Retailer timely notification of any concerns or dissatisfaction.

All carpet seams are guaranteed to be durable and well-constructed. A well-constructed seam is not an invisible seam – there is no such thing as an invisible seam – and Buyer should expect seams in carpet to be visible to a reasonable extent. Seams tend to be more visible in low-pile, textured, patterned, and looped carpets.

Retailer will make all reasonable efforts to best-fit new floor-covering material to its installed area. Square lines/edges, patterns, etc. may make apparent non-square walls or other building imperfections.

The finish-product of a floor-covering installation depends greatly on the structure and quality of the substrate. Even with extensive prep, embossing, leveling, etc. there are limitations (cabinets, doorways, adjoining floor-covering, maximum thicknesses for leveling material, etc.) to how much we can “fix” a floor before it becomes a more appropriate task for a general contractor. New floor-covering alone will not correct structural issues such as levelness, squeaking, etc. If you have concerns regarding the structural integrity of your property we recommend seeking the services of a general contractor.

As your floors age, your home settles, etc. you may find imperfections develop in your flooring. Should you develop any concerns with your flooring, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we may work with you on a solution.

Should your carpet develop any sort of wrinkling or stretching, please reach out to us promptly so that we may coordinate a complimentary restretch at any time over the lifetime of the installation.